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White Lightning
White Lightning The all new Moonshiner White Lightning Retail for $165.00
Moonshiner White Lightning is a Super Bright Single LED Bump Cap light putting out 1000 lumens and over 50,000 Lux of cool white light. It is controlled by a 4 position rotary click switch and powered by a 4.2 volt battery pack. No gimmick's, just bright white light. Your choice of Bump Cap or Soft Cap with plastic liner.
Total weight 18 oz
Burn times:
1st Click= 100+ Hours
2nd Click= 50 Hours
3rd Click= 12 Hours
4th Click= 3 Hours
For more info call us at 918-598-3418
2 year warranty

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White Lightning $165.00 Out of Stock
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Hats : Bump Hats
Soft Cap with plastic liner

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